Blogalyzer is an intuitive & visual tool that helps you track, understand & optimise your content marketing , with a minimum amount of clicks. Their customers include insurance companies, retail banks, electronics retailers, restaurant chains, furniture manufacturers and others. In total, they serve thousands of local digital marketing campaigns in multiple countries.



About Project

the challenge

  • Perform constant content updates
  • Create a UX design, based on the style guide, provided by the client
  • Choose a WordPress theme and then customize it to be a better fit for the client’s business objectives
  • Provide pre-configured templates for Salesforce CPQ simplify product and pricing updates






the project

With our JS & WP development skills, we helped implement this project from scratch, passed together release staging, provided correct working dashboards, which is one of the main benefits among their clients and improved database, which play one of the key roles for our customer.




The Process





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Main Functionality

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