ABOUT THE PROJECT is a multi-functional application that provides users with a variety of tools for studying, working, and relaxing. It includes a music player with custom playlists and nature sounds, a timer with a task board, interactive background illustrations, note-taking capabilities, a video player for YouTube, PDF reader, and a work hour tracker.


01 February 2023 –  30 March 2023


React.js, TypeScript, Redux, Axios, Ant Design, Moment, Chart.js, Draft.js, React Datepicker, Firebase

Business solutions

  • as a result, we developed a music player that allows you to download playlists from Spotify and Apple Music resources, as well as listen to custom playlists, as well as the sounds of nature, the city, etc;
  • over 30 interactive background illustrations to keep users’ interest
  • with YouTube integration, we added users, who like to use this app

Development process

  • used TypeScript language for application-scale JavaScript development
  • with Firebase, allows to store data and synchronizing it between multiple clients
  • implemented the ability to create your own sound layouts from the sounds provided by the application
  • ability to take notes with a text editor and save them
  • Reading PDF files;
  • Keeping statistics on hours of work



Redesign of Mixer UI

01 February 2023 — 3 March 2023
  • wokring with redesign of mixer UI
  • wokring with redesign of notes UI and adding new functionality to the text editor (Quote, Code etc).
  • wokring with redesign of templates UI and adding new functionality (ability to change the template`s title and adding the new icons).

Timer Update UI and Adding Functionality to Timer Settings

4 March 2023 - 21 March 2023
  • wokring with timer update UI and adding new functionality in the timer`ssettings (timer length, break timer length etc)
  • redesign of icons on the toolbar and adding sound volume functionality to the media player controls.
  • redesign of «How It Works»part

Implementation of Cancellation Functionality

22 March 2023 - 30 March 2023
  • implementation of the functionality of cancellation of a paid account with the ability to leave feedback.
  • implementation of the ability to add playlists from Apple Music.

Main Functionality

Project Description Image


This feature has a custom embedded playlists with a 3 mods to create a comfortable atmosphere: chill, jazzy and sleepy.   There are 2 types of players:

  • The native player, ad-free and updated every 48-72 hours;
  • Embedded Spotify player, supports the artists and it is updated every 24-48 hours.
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You can create your own sound templates and then play them back.

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The application contains a large number of interactive background scenes. To move through the scenes there is a corresponding panel.

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The timer has many settings (priorities, alarms, smart pauses etc) that allow you to increase the productivity of your work.
Users can Break down long work sessions into shorter ones with breaks in between using the customizable timer.

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In your account, this application can store the notes made and edit them using a text editor.

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