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Welcome to 1 + 1 Cares, where we specialize in forging meaningful connections between clients and caregivers in the realm of senior care. Our dedicated referral agency takes pride in the meticulous matching process, ensuring that experienced and compassionate caregivers align seamlessly with the unique needs of our clients.


09.2022 – now


WP, JavaScript, React.js, Next.js, TypeScript

Business solutions

  • implementation of the functionality, to message and call the careseekers/clients registered on the app
  • did performance optimisation for the easier search
  • added mulitiusers functionality devided for caregiver and patients
  • provided online appointment scheduling
  • developed secure live video presentations for caregivers
  • integrated payment systems for online payment


  • innovative appointments with video integration to improve the booking system
  • real-time availabilities to increase the conversion rate
  • simplification of communication, with the SOS option, which is one of the important features for the patients
  • a broad variety of appointment payment options to suit users’ needs


Video Integration

  • Integrate video appointments to enhance the booking system.
  • Educate users on the benefits and usage of video appointments.

Real-Time Availability

  • Upgrade the system to provide real-time appointment availability.
  • Implement user-friendly features for immediate booking options.

Communication Simplification with SOS

  • Introduce an SOS option for urgent communication.
  • Streamline communication channels within the booking system.

Diverse Payment Options

  • Integrate various payment options to cater to user preferences.
  • Ensure secure transactions and communicate new payment options to users.

Main Functionality

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Video Integration for Improved Booking

Enhance the booking system by incorporating innovative video appointment features.
Develop and test the integration of video appointments to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Launch an educational campaign to inform users about the advantages and proper utilization of video appointments.
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Real-Time Availability Upgrade

Elevate the booking system with real-time availability information to increase the conversion rate.
Implement user-friendly features that display immediate appointment options based on current availability.
Conduct thorough user testing to ensure the responsiveness and effectiveness of the real-time booking feature.
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Simplified Communication with SOS Option

Streamline communication within the booking system, emphasizing an SOS option for urgent situations.
Introduce the SOS feature, allowing patients and healthcare providers to communicate promptly.
Develop user support and education materials to guide users on leveraging the SOS option for efficient and effective communication.

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