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The Acıbadem Healthcare Group is embarking on a strategic project aimed at further solidifying its position as Turkey’s most valuable private healthcare organization. With a strong brand reputation and an established position in the sector, the project’s primary focus is on enhancing and expanding its healthcare services to meet the evolving needs of patients and to continue delivering world-class medical care.




React.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Animate.css, Webpack, YouTube API, Jest.js

Business solutions

  • live chat consultation, to help with the service orders, consultation etc.
  •  the multilanguage option allows getting foreign patients
  • an understandable searching system, help find the right service and make online orders
  • customized management system, which allows being used in every clinic from the Acıbadem Group
  • collect information about the clients’ visits and their medical needs, to provide additional services

Development process

  • provided multilangues settings (Turkey and English)
  • worked with the YouTube API
  • added chat API
  • integrated booking options with the authorization process (used oAuth2 for it)
  • implemented provided mockups with the animations
  • did CEO optimization and server-side rendering with the Next.js
  • used Jest.js for the QA
  • implemented CRM system with different types of users, with the reports, tasks management etc.


Multilingual Support and Localization:


  • Implement multilingual settings for Turkish and English.
  • Ensure seamless language switching and localization.

Integration of External APIs:

  • onnect booking options with OAuth2 authorization for secure access.
  • Test and optimize booking functionalities.

Mockup Implementation and Animation:

12.2020- 06.2021
  • Implement provided mockups with animations for enhanced user experience.
  • Ensure smooth and optimized animations.

Optimization and Quality Assurance:


Perform SEO optimization and server-side rendering using Next.js.
Conduct quality assurance testing with Jest.js to ensure functionality and reliability.

Main Functionality

Project Description Image

Live Chat Consultation for Service Assistance:

Implemented a live chat consultation feature to facilitate communication and assist users with service orders, consultations, and other inquiries in real-time, enhancing customer support and satisfaction.
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Multilanguage Option for Foreign Patients:

Incorporated a multilanguage option, supporting both Turkish and English languages, to attract and serve foreign patients effectively, improving accessibility and accommodating diverse patient demographics.
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User-Friendly Search System for Service Discovery:

Developed an intuitive and understandable searching system to help users find the right services and make online orders efficiently. This feature enhances user experience and simplifies the service discovery process.
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Customized Management System for Acıbadem Group Clinics:

Created a customized management system tailored for clinics within the Acıbadem Group. This system offers comprehensive functionalities, including data collection on clients' visits and medical needs, enabling personalized services and efficient clinic management across the group.

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