About project

Welcome to Cove Creek, the premier destination for captivating, immersive virtual tours meticulously crafted for university campuses and tourism locales across the globe. At Cove Creek, we specialize in seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with artistic finesse to bring destinations to life like never before.


20.11.2023 – 15.02.2024


JavaScript/React, HTML/CSS (SASS), Axios, Splide.js, Swiper, Lottie-web, React-spinners, Framer Motion, Email-templates, Formidable, Zod

Business solutions

  • virtual tours attract clients and increase engagement.
  • global access expands our market, while detailed case studies highlight our expertise.
  • personalized project discussions enhance client satisfaction.
  • an appealing career page attracts talented employees.
  • implementing cutting-edge technology and creativity provide a competitive advantage, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.


  • initial meetings with clients
  • defining project scope and objectives
  •  establishing timelines and deliverables
  • designing user interface and experience
  • creating wireframes and prototypes
  • gathering client feedback and making revisions
  • testing the virtual tours for quality and functionality
  •  making necessary adjustments based on testing results



1-st stage of development process:

20 Nov – 25 Nov 2023
  • project discussion

2-nd stage of development process:

  • UI/UX implementation

3-rd stage of development process

  • transfer of the finished product to the client after testing.

Main Functionality

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Home page

Cove Creek's homepage features an interactive video window that cleverly follows your cursor, captivating your attention. An infinite slider showcases diverse projects, inviting continuous exploration. Informational pop-ups offer insights into Cove Creek's advanced technology, ensuring a dynamic and enlightening user experience.
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Portfolio page

Cove Creek's portfolio page features interactive cards that respond to your cursor movements, offering a tactile and intuitive browsing experience. Each card provides a quick overview of the project and expands when clicked to reveal detailed information, showcasing Cove Creek's capabilities and expertise in virtual tour creation. This setup ensures both informative content and an engaging journey through their accomplishments.
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Why Us page

Cove Creek's "Why Us" page is a compelling showcase of their expertise in virtual tours. It starts with a striking video highlighting their immersive experiences and blends storytelling with technology. Interactive sliders feature client testimonials, case studies, and project galleries, illustrating Cove Creek's capabilities and experience. This page effectively communicates the company's advantages, making it essential for prospective clients.
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Сase study page

Cove Creek's case study page offers detailed content including text, interactive virtual tours, historical insights, project stats, multimedia elements, and testimonials. It showcases their work with the American Battle Monuments Commission, documenting historical sites. This comprehensive view highlights Cove Creek's role and impact effectively.
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Careers page

Cove Creek's "Careers" page showcases job openings and desired qualities, attracting talent passionate about virtual tour tech. Listings include role details, qualifications, and an integrated application form. It highlights company culture and benefits, making it easy for candidates to envision themselves there. Overall, it efficiently fills vacancies and attracts talent by communicating Cove Creek's values and opportunities.

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