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Financia.IO is an innovative company that provides its customers with the ability to analyze and optimize their spending and income. Our mission is to assist individuals in making informed financial decisions, enhancing their financial well-being, and ensuring stability.


Financia is a company that provides its customers with the ability to analyze and optimize their spending and income



10.2022 – 01.2023


Next.js, Next-pwa, Redux Toolkit, Material UI, The cookie library, Crypto-randomuuid, Firebase, Firebase Admin SDK, Firebase Functions, JS Cookie, Jwt-check-expiration, Nordigen-node, React-google-charts, Sass.

Business solutions

  • with the fast and easy authorization, we increased the number of customers
  • customized reports showing flexibility for any type of the users
  • unlimited number of users’ bank accounts provides an option to work with any type of clients

Development process

  • streamlined Quality Management: Simplified quality management processes for users, making it easier to handle tasks related to quality control, audits, and compliance.
  • integrated Customizable Dashboard: Provided a fully integrated and customizable dashboard for users, allowing them to organize and view essential information in one place, tailored to their specific needs.
  • quick Access to Relevant Documents: Offered quick access to relevant documents, processes, and roles, enabling users to find and access essential information swiftly.
  • efficient Organizational Chart Management: Provided users with efficient tools to manage and update organizational charts and process maps, ensuring clarity and alignment within the organization’s structure.
  • optimized Document Approvals: Streamlined document approval processes, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring timely approval of crucial documents.
  • document Expiry Tracking: Enabled users to track expiring documents, ensuring compliance and timely renewals for critical documents.


Starting of development process

  • design and develop a fully integrated and customizable dashboard.
  • provide users with the ability to personalize their dashboards, organizing essential information based on their roles and preferences
  • implement a robust document management system for quick access to relevant documents, processes, and roles
  • develop tools for users to efficiently manage and update organizational charts and process maps


  • develop a system for users to track expiring documents
  • implement notifications and reminders to ensure compliance and timely renewals
  • deploy the updated system with streamlined quality management and document handling features
  • monitor system performance and user adoption


Main Functionality

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Application Login

When visiting the site for the first time, the user is prompted to register or log in using an email and password or using Google authorization.
Authorization data in encrypted form is transmitted and stored in Google Firebase. In future, the user can change their data by email, password, and delete his account from the database.
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Personal settings page

On the user personal settings page they can enter or change information about their account and application settings.
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Connecting bank accounts

The user can connect an unlimited number of his own bank accounts, having passed verification in each banking institution using the form provided by Nordigen in compliance with all security and encryption requirements. It is also possible to view already connected bank accounts.
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Personal financial information

On the page of personal financial information, the user has access to data on the summarized data for all bank accounts of the client, such as the total balance, expenses and income for the period, expected expenses based on statistics, categorization of expenses and the last 5 transactions with data on them. The user's financial data is updated using the Nordigen provider once a day and stored in the firebase cloud storage and in the application cache to optimize traffic, increase data download speed and be able to access data offline.

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