Financia.IO is a company that provides its customers with the opportunity to analyze and optimize their expenses and income. The application allows you to connect to the banking API of almost all European banks, to be able to receive in one application a report on all the client’s accounts in different banks, to receive information about the current balance as a whole and separately for all connected client accounts, and much more.


With Gregory, we developed a fintech project, which helps people with financial literacy and budget management. Also adapted it for mobile users and implemented a PWA solution.


20 October 2022 – 05 December 2022


Next.js, Next-pwa, Redux Toolkit, Material UI, cookie library, Crypto-randomuuid, Firebase, Firebase Admin SDK, Firebase Functions, JS Cookie, Jwt-check-expiration, Nordigen-node, React-google-charts, Sass.

Business solutions

  • the application provides the possibility to attract people who want to keep track of their finances, expenses, and categories
  • with the monthly subscription, this app allows users to plan their personal budgets, pay attention to categories that can be optimized
  • PWA solution, provided a fast working app, to get users from mobile traffic and increase the comfort of use

Development process

  • identified the features and functionalities of the web application
  • developed PWA features such as caching and offline support using Next-pwa
  • used Firebase and Firebase Admin SDK to set up the backend of the application, including authentication, real-time database, cloud storage, and messaging.
  • provided integration with external services: Integrate Nordigen-node to interact with the Nordigen API for account information and payment initiation services
  • deployed the application on a web server and make sure that cryptographic randomness is used for UUID generation using Crypto-randomuuid



1-st stage of development process

20 Oct – 25 Oct 2022
  • Project discussion

2-nd stage of development process

26 Oct – 10 Nov 2022
  • creation, connection to firebase.
  • UI/UX implementation

3-rd stage of development process

11 Nov – 25 Nov 2022
  • Nordigen API connection

Final stage of development process

26 Nov – 05 Dec 2022
  • Processing and presentation of bank data.
  • Transfer of the finished product to the client after testing

Main Functionality

Project Description Image


When visiting the site for the first time, the user is prompted to register or log in using an email and password or using Google authorization. Authorization data in encrypted form is transmitted and stored in Google Firebase.

Project Description Image


On the user personal settings page they can enter or change information about their account and application settings.

Project Description Image


The user can connect an unlimited number of his own bank accounts, having passed verification in each banking institution using the form provided by Nordigen in compliance with all security and encryption requirements.

Project Description Image


On the page of personal financial information, the user has access to data on the summarized data for all bank accounts of the client, such as the total balance, expenses and income for the period, expected expenses based on statistics, categorization of expenses and the last 5 transactions with data on them.

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