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Hair By Skin Clinic is an innovative medical facility that offers a cutting-edge hair transplant solution tailored for men and women experiencing androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male or female pattern baldness. Committed to providing effective and natural-looking results, the clinic specializes in advanced hair restoration techniques to help individuals regain their confidence and achieve a fuller head of hair.


08. 2021- 11.2021


Create React App, React Helmet, GraphQL, Apollo Client, Axios, Redux Toolkit, Redux Persist, Material UI, Classnames, React-pdf, Google OAuth2, Google Maps API, Places Autocomplete API, Google Calendar API, i18next, React Datepicker, Date-fns, Mixpanel Browser, React Final Form, React IMask, Validator, Swiper

Business solutions

  • Email system, which helps to communicate with the clients
  • option for the video consultation on the website
  • nice UI presentation for the potential clients, who get a clear understanding o the provided service with the results from the previous customers.

Development PROCESS

  • implemented provided design
  • improved UI part and used YouTube API &
  • parallax effect
  • provided SEO settings with Google Analytics and Google Ads Tracki
  • added MailChimp API
  • created options for the video consultation



July-August 2021
  • implemented provided design 
  • improved UI part and used YouTube API & parallax effect


September 2021
  • implemented before-after slider
  • provided SEO settings with Google Analytics and Google Ads Tracking 
  • added MailChimp API


October 2021
  • created options for the video consultation


June 2022
  • presale and initial planning stage
  • conduct business analysis and estimation
  • begin development process

Main Functionality

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Implemented provided design

Bringing the provided design to life enhances the visual appeal and user experience of the website. This implementation ensures consistency with the intended aesthetics and functionality, resulting in a polished and professional online presence.
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Improved UI part and used YouTube API & parallax effect

Enhancing the UI and integrating the YouTube API and parallax effect elevate user experience. This fusion offers engaging multimedia content and visually captivating scrolling, resulting in a more interactive and appealing website.
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Step into the realm of aesthetic marvels!
Introducing side-by-side image displays—a
captivating innovation that showcases the
expertise of aesthetics professionals through
before-and-after visuals. Witness
transformative results, build trust, and engage
audiences like never before. Experience the
power of aesthetic artistry in a visually
stunning and unforgettable way.
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Added MailChimp API

Integrating the MailChimp API into a website enhances email marketing efforts by enabling automated campaigns, targeted communication, real-time updates, and data-driven insights. This streamlined approach increases user engagement, saves time, and optimizes marketing strategies.
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Created options for the video consultation

Developing video consultation options introduces a dynamic dimension to the website. Users can now seamlessly connect with professionals, fostering real-time interaction and personalized experiences. This feature enriches engagement and provides a valuable avenue for consultation and support.

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