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Hamilton is an advanced administrative hub designed specifically for managing mobile games. It provides administrators with full control, allowing them to customize tournaments, levels, promotions, and other aspects of the gaming experience. With Hamilton, crafting engaging challenges and implementing exciting features becomes seamless, guaranteeing high-quality gaming experiences for users.


Novos revolutionizes mobile game administration by offering comprehensive control over tournaments, levels, promotions, and more, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for users.


07.2023 – Current time


TypeScript, React.JS, Material UI, React Router, Firebase (auth, firestore, analytics, functions), React Helmet, Axios, Redux Toolkit, Redux Thunk, FullCalendar, React Datepicker, React DnD, React Image Gallery, React Querybuilder, Dayjs, React Hook Form, Zod, OneSignal API, Papa Parse, GitHub CI/CD

Business solutions

  • customizable Tournaments: Hamilton simplifies tournament management for admins, ensuring personalized gaming experiences.
  • dynamic Levels: Admins can effortlessly create and deploy new levels, encouraging ongoing gameplay innovation.
  • promotional Campaigns: Drive user engagement with Hamilton’s platform for launching events.
  • data Analytics: Track user behavior and optimize game content with robust analytics tools.
  • user Management: Comprehensive features ensure smooth and secure gaming experiences.
  • API Integration: Extend functionality by integrating third-party services via APIs.


  • frontend Foundation: Hamilton’s frontend utilizes TypeScript and React.JS for robustness and scalability, with Material UI components for sleek user interfaces.
  • smooth Navigation: React Router enables seamless transition between different sections of the admin panel.
  • firebase Backbone: Firebase handles user authentication, Firestore for real-time database management, and analytics for monitoring user interactions.
  • state Management: Redux Toolkit and Redux Thunk ensure efficient data flow and management.
  • enhanced Functionality: Additional libraries like FullCalendar and React Querybuilder enrich the admin panel with features such as event scheduling and query building.
  • data Integrity: Dayjs, React Hook Form, and Zod ensure data integrity and validation throughout the application.
  • push Notifications: OneSignal API integration enables administrators to send push notifications, enhancing engagement.
  • data Import/Export: Papa Parse facilitates seamless data import/export, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • CI/CD with GitHub: GitHub Actions set up CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment, enhancing development efficiency and reliability.


Onboarding & Migration Pages

  • Implement an intuitive onboarding process to guide new users through the platform’s features and functionalities.
  • Develop migration pages to smoothly transition existing users to updated versions or new features, ensuring minimal disruption to their experience.

Calendar UI Update & Push Notifications

  • Enhance the calendar user interface with improved visuals and functionality for better user experience and navigation.
  • Integrate a push notifications system to notify users about upcoming events, updates, and promotions, enhancing user engagement and retention.

Level Builder v2 & New Promotion/Challenge Types

  • Upgrade the level builder tool with additional features, improved user interface, and enhanced customization options for creating diverse and engaging game levels.
  • Introduce new promotion and challenge types to incentivize user participation and foster excitement within the gaming community.

Project Architecture Refactoring & Calendar v2

  • Conduct a comprehensive refactoring of the project architecture to improve scalability, maintainability, and performance.
  • Roll out an upgraded version of the calendar with optimizations for faster loading times, smoother navigation, and additional features to enrich the user experience.

Main Functionality

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Firebase Authentication

Firebase Authentication is implemented to guarantee secure user authentication, leveraging Firebase Firestore for real-time data synchronization and secure data storage.
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Comprehensive Navigation and Data Migration in Admin Panel

The admin panel provides intuitive navigation to access all sections seamlessly. It supports multiple environments for content creation, allowing for smooth migration to production using dedicated migration pages.
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User Account Management for Seamless Interactions

Empower administrators to efficiently modify and manage user accounts within the system, ensuring smooth interactions and user satisfaction.
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Tournament Management System

Enable administrators to effortlessly create and manage tournaments, including rule configuration, match scheduling, and result tracking, ensuring smooth tournament operations and engaging user experiences.
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Level Design and Deployment System

Empower administrators to design and deploy new levels using a grid of cells, fostering continuous gameplay innovation and enhancing user engagement by providing fresh challenges and experiences.
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Challenge Event Management System

Facilitate the creation and launch of challenge events within the game, including limited-time offers and exclusive in-game rewards, strategically designed to drive user acquisition and retention, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
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Entity Scheduling System

Develop a scheduling page to enable administrators to set timeframes for various entities such as promotions, challenges, and tournaments, facilitating organized management and coordination of events within the game.
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Push Notification Integration

Seamlessly integrate the OneSignal API into the platform, empowering administrators to send push notifications to users. This integration enhances engagement and fosters effective communication within the gaming community, ensuring users stay informed and engaged with timely updates and announcements.

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