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Harvest Dental stands as a distinguished global brand specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of premium dental laboratory products. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of advancing dental technology, providing dental professionals with innovative and high-quality solutions to meet their laboratory needs.




React.js, Next.js, Redux.js, Node.js, Next.js, Mongo DB, TypeScript, Olarck API, Vimeo API

Business solutions

  • for the cusomers care added chat, which helps get orders
  • updated website to the actual technologies
  • added features to make sales processes easier


  • provided full-time technical support for this website, extended its functionalities
  • provided ElasticSearch implementation
  • migrated services from Angular.js to React.js
  • updated Node.js version
  • added live chat from Olarck API
  • used Vimeo API for the video presentations
  • added payment system APIs, Stripe and PayPal


Website Modernization

07.2020 - 09.2020
  • Update website architecture to utilize React.js and Next.js frameworks.
  • Revamp UI/UX design to enhance user engagement and navigation.
  • Implement responsive design for seamless access across various devices

Enhanced Customer Support

10.2020 - 12.2020
  • Integrate real-time chat functionality for instant customer assistance.
  • Automate order processing procedures to expedite transactions.
  • Train customer support team on utilizing chat tools effectively

Streamlined Sales Processes

01.2021 - 03.2021
  • Develop intuitive features to simplify product browsing and selection.
  • Optimize checkout process for faster and smoother transactions.
  • Implement customer feedback mechanisms to continuously improve sales workflows

Technological Upgrades

04.2021 - 06.2021)
  •    Upgrade Node.js to the latest stable version for improved performance and security.
  • Migrate legacy services from Angular.js to React.js for better maintainability.
  • Integrate Stripe and PayPal APIs for secure and seamless payment processing.


Main Functionality

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Enhanced Customer Interaction:

Implemented Olarck API-powered live chat:
Facilitates real-time communication between customers and support agents.
Improves order placement efficiency.
Enhances overall customer satisfaction.
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Streamlined Sales Processes:

Integrated Payment System APIs:
Enabled secure and seamless transactions.
Provided additional payment options for customers.
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Expanded Content Capabilities:

Utilized Vimeo API:
Incorporated video presentations:
Enhanced multimedia content.
Enriched product/service showcases.
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Improved Website Performance:

Upgraded technologies:
Migrated from Angular.js to React.js.
Updated Node.js version.
Implemented ElasticSearch:
Optimized search functionality.
Ensured faster response times.
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Comprehensive Technical Support:

Provided Full-time Assistance:
Ongoing website maintenance:
Ensured reliability and efficiency.
Functionality expansion:
Addressed customer needs promptly.

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