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Lone Star National Bank stands as a leading full-service community bank dedicated to serving the diverse financial needs of South Texas. With a strong commitment to the local community, the bank has established itself as a trusted financial partner, offering a range of comprehensive banking services.


09.2022 – 02.2024


React.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Gatsby.js, GraphQL

Business solutions

  • WCAG option for the website users that convey’s the bank’s services and commitment to their community
  • added i18next for the multilangues (English, Spain)
  • used Next.js and did server side rendering for the SEO optimization


  • engaged closely with the frontend team to understand design specifications and integration requirements.
  • maintained regular communication to ensure alignment with business goals.
  • enhanced website accessibility for a diverse user base.
  • integrated WCAG guidelines into the website design, providing accessible options.
  • modified the UI for seamless incorporation of WCAG features.
  • extended the reach of the bank’s services to a broader audience.
  • utilized i18next for efficient management of multilingual content.
  • ensured a smooth user experience for both English and Spanish speakers.
  • implemented Next.js for efficient server-side rendering.
  • enhanced SEO by providing search engines with pre-rendered pages.


Assessment and Collaboration

Feb - Mar 2022
  • Evaluate current frontend architecture.
  • Collaborate with the team for insights and requirements.

WCAG and Accessibility

Apr - May 2022
  • Integrate WCAG guidelines for enhanced accessibility.
  • Implement user-friendly options for individuals with disabilities.

Multilingual Support

Jun - Jul 2022
  • Integrate i18next for efficient handling of English and Spanish content.
  • Ensure smooth language transitions for broader audience reach.

Next.js and SEO OptimizationNext.js and SEO Optimization

Aug - Oct 2022
  • Implement Next.js for improved efficiency.
  • Introduce server-side rendering to enhance SEO.
  • Conduct testing and optimization for a seamless user experience.

Main Functionality

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WCAG Accessibility Integration:

-Enhance accessibility through the integration of WCAG guidelines.
-Implement features catering to users with disabilities for an inclusive experience.
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Multilingual Support with i18next:

-Efficiently manage and present content in both English and Spanish.
-Facilitate seamless language transitions for a broader user base.
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Next.js and Server-Side Rendering:

-Implement Next.js for improved frontend efficiency.
-Introduce server-side rendering to optimize SEO and boost search rankings.
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Testing and Optimization:

-Conduct thorough testing to ensure WCAG compliance, language transitions, and overall website performance.
-Address identified issues to provide a seamless and efficient user experience.

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