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Discover the future of pet healthcare with Online Vetcare – your go-to platform for personalized pet care. Enjoy 24/7 access to expert veterinarians, receive tailored advice, and access affordable treatments for your furry friends. Elevate your pet’s well-being with convenience and peace of mind, all from the comfort of your home.




Create React App, Material UI, Classnames, Axios, Redux Toolkit, Redux Persist, i18next, Formik, NestJS, Google OAuth2

Business solutions

  • added new type of clients for the clinic with the remote patient monitoring
  • provided function for the online bill payments
  • got more clients, because of the 24/7 access to medical information for patients and healthcare support via messages/video consultations


  • the main tasks included multi-tenant architecture of owner & and pet profiles
  • added appointment booking
  • developed an option for the online video chat consultation
  • used WebSockets for the messaging functionality


Profile Management & Multi-Tenant Architecture

  • Establish multi-tenant architecture for owner and pet profiles.
  • Develop user authentication and authorization features.

Appointment Booking System

  • Integrate a user-friendly appointment booking system.
  • Implement automated reminders and a calendar interface.

Video Chat Consultation

  • Enable online video chat consultations with secure technology.
  • Include features like screen sharing for comprehensive virtual appointments.

Real-time Messaging with WebSockets

  • Implement WebSockets for real-time messaging functionality.
  • Ensure a seamless and responsive chat interface for effective communication.

Main Functionality

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Implementing a Seamless Appointment Booking System

Integrate a user-friendly appointment booking system to facilitate hassle-free scheduling.
Include automated reminders to enhance user engagement and a visually intuitive calendar interface for efficient management.
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Introducing Video Chat Consultation Services

Enable online video chat consultations, providing a virtual platform for pet owners and veterinary experts.
Incorporate secure video conferencing technology and additional features such as screen sharing for comprehensive consultations.
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Realizing Real-time Messaging Through WebSockets

Implement WebSockets to enable real-time messaging between pet owners and veterinary professionals.
Ensure a seamless and responsive chat interface, allowing instant communication for quick and effective exchanges.

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