The Qsistant app is a quality management platform with features such as document control, role management, and interactive flowcharts. It allows users to easily navigate and manage their quality management processes, ensuring smooth audits and efficient organisation.


09.2022 – now


JavaScript, Node.js, Nest.js, React.js, Redux/Redux Toolkit, Mui 5, Lodash, Axios, HTTP Client, Eslint/Prettier, I18next, Tinymce

Business solutions

  • live control of operational activity
  • organization of work of personnel, with the establishment of goals and objectives
  • automatization of the management processes
  • electronic document management, without bureaucracy and paper archives, with the possibility of high-quality accounting and work

Development process

  • implemented user interfaces with React.js
  • used redux/Redux Toolkit – for data storage and asynchronous requests to the server
  • added MUI 5 to provide a simple, customizable, and accessible library of React components
  • with lodash, a modern JavaScript utility library, added modularity, improved performance, and implemented additional features
  • additionally used eslint/Prettier – statically analyses code to quickly find problems


Qsistant Release 2.0

Sep - Nov 2022
  • development of the basic components of the project (sidebar, navbar, table, etc)
  • basic design implementation according to Figma
  • adding of the “Qsistant” tab, where the main document tables are located

Qsistant Release 3.0

Nov - Dec 2022
  • working on the “Management” tab
  • adding required tables and management tools for user profile
  • implemented feature “First Steps” & “Security”

Qsistant Release 3.1

Jan - Feb 2023
  • implemented feature “Impact on document” 
  • the text editor and PDF viewer are implemented to better interact with documents

Project updates

March 2023 - now
  •  added the logic of filtering and sorting tables is implemented for all existing tables
  • feature “Quick Access Modal”  Starting to work on project improvements before the first release – TS implementation, code refactoring, speed up the application (lazy loading, etc)
  • starting to work on other projects after release

Main Functionality

Project Description Image

First steps

During the first registration or when following a referral link, the user will be able to set up his workplace for the first time (fill in various data, the system initially offers ready-made templates for use, which are requested from the user for configuration).  

Project Description Image

It all depends on the user’s role. The newly arrived user will also have the opportunity to invite friends, for which he will get bonuses since the app has premium accounts.

Project Description Image

Of course, all the buttons are clickable and allow the user to make convenient navigation between pages, which makes the app user friendly. 

Project Description Image

Again, all this can be edited later being directly in the application.

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The system provides the user with many types of verification that help protect your data. There will be more in the future.

Project Description Image


Responsive sidebar for easy navigation in the app. Lots of different filters/sorts for each table to make the user experience better. “Quick access modal” to search for core files.

Project Description Image

Impact on document

The user can interact with the document in 3 main modes. Overview – basic information about the document. Compare – make a comparison between documents. Edit – to make some changes. It is also possible to edit the document file via the built-in text editor and view the content of PDF files.

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