The startup report is an application that enables users to create promotional video business cards to promote their businesses. The process involves five steps, including uploading a photo or video, answering questions about the business, editing the article, previewing the video, and publishing it on the app’s YouTube channel.


January 2022 – September 2022


JavaScript, React, React-router-dom, Redux-toolkit, Axios, Material UI, i18next, Formik, React-paypal-js, React-player, React-dropzone, Framer-motion.

Business solutions

  • our client got the app for the video press release building
  • a multilanguage option allows attracting users from around the world
  • simple interface provided possibility to use the app with out any additional explenations

Development process

  •  used React, a JavaScript library, for building user interfaces. React-router-dom was utilized for routing within the React web application
  • Redux-toolkit, a JavaScript library, was used for managing the application state. This allowed for centralized state management and facilitated efficient data flow within the application
  • Axios, a promise-based HTTP library, was employed to fetch data from external APIs or backend services. It provided a convenient and efficient way to handle asynchronous requests


Developing UI Pages

• January 2022 — April 2022
  • Implementing Application UI Pages

Backend Integration

• April 2022 — 22 July 2022
  • Connecting to backend
  • adding features and integration with aMember forms;

PayPal Integration

• July 2022 — September 2022
  • integration with PayPal system  
  • adding payment rates and integrating them with the back-end.

Main Functionality

Project Description Image

The first step

Select the business description mode and upload images or videos.
Project Description Image

The second step

Create a complete description of your business.
Project Description Image

The third step

Edit the text and select keywords for the video business card. You can also set the presence of subtitles.

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The fourth step

At the fourth step, the result of the finished video is played.

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The last step

The last step is to provide links to videos and support resources.

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