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We offer adaptable software for hardware management, covering security, video surveillance, workflow analytics, and system monitoring. Our solution includes proprietary analytical modules and customizable archiving, suitable for both large enterprises and individual users.


09.2021 – Now


React, Mithril, GraphQL, Apollo Client, semantic UI, react-pdf, i18next, bevacqua/rome, moment.js, lumino, react-leaflet, react-shepherd, uplot-react, react-virtuoso, react-dnd, electron, Apollo Server, graphql-modules, Express, axios, nats, grpc-js

Business solutions

  • focus on ongoing improvement and enhancement of our software.
  • prioritize identifying and resolving software issues promptly.
  • modernize the user interface for a more intuitive and efficient user experience.
  • enhance accessibility by adding support for a broader range of languages.
  • introduce a new application focused on personal branding within our software ecosystem.
  • implement a view editor to empower users with customization options, tailoring their experience to specific needs.


  • developmental Phases: Initiated with bug fixes and feature expansion, progressing to more sophisticated enhancements.
  • advanced Features: Introduced a revamped video player, access controls, and integration with external tools.
  • notable Additions: Included gateway integration, camera analytics, and a continuous commitment to technology updates, exemplified by the migration to React 18.
  • iterative Development Approach: Prioritizes user-centric design, ensuring the application remains at the forefront of innovation.


Foundation and Enhancement

May 2021 – Sep 2022
  • bug fixing, refactoring, and expansion of existing functionality.
  • simplification, redesign, and modernization of authorization UI.
  • introduction of Personal Branding app, multi-language support, and a view editor.

Video Player Upgrade and Access Control

Oct 2023 - Jun 2023
  • export/import CSV files, add multiple devices from configuration.
  • implement filtering lists, device sets, video touring, and reports/charts.

Video Player Upgrade and Access Control

Feb 2023 - May 2023
  • enhance video player features, fix memory leaks.
  • implement Indexed DB for video snapshots, access controls, and routing.

UI Redesign and Functionality Refinement

Jun 2023 - Sep 2023
  • redesign player cells, introduce Download Manager.
  • refactor websocket subscription system for reconnection after loss.

Advanced Features and Optimization

Oct 2023 - Dec 2023
  • conduct an audit, implement events archive.
  • introduce map features, geo-positioning, device tracking, and sensor integration.
  • incorporate gateway integration, widget mode synchronization, and event acknowledgment.
  • introduce new camera types, custom camera events, camera analytics configuration, and Grafana integration.

Main Functionality

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This feature empowers users to seamlessly monitor and control the download process of accessible video files. It not only provides a centralized view for managing downloads but also offers real-time notifications, ensuring users stay informed about the application's download status.
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The component provides the ability to flexibly filter the list, as well as setting it up according to different criteria and period, pagination is used.
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Table component with flexible api, for virtualized large dynamic table data rendering with sortable and resizable columns, also with automatic capture of the viewport for current visible items with a large data stream.
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This component serves as a versatile tool for rendering and retrieving various dynamic charts and graphs. It offers users the flexibility to visualize diverse data sets dynamically, making it an essential asset for interactive and customizable data representation within the application.
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Fixed logic for used subscriptions in application to optimize web socket load.
Added flexible routing to web application.
Multifunctional components. Form, table, list, multiple dropdown, datepicker etc.
Export/import csv files.
Using Indexed DB for large local storage data.

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