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The project involves creating advanced software tailored to empower a diverse user base, including traders, risk managers, and financial analysts. This sophisticated tool is specifically designed to enhance the efficiency of managing and analyzing portfolios comprising a wide array of assets.




Create React App, Typescript, Redux-Tooltit, React-Query, Python, FastApi, Monaco Editor

Business solutions

  • personalization of portfolio types to align with varying investment goals and risk appetites.
  • simplification of the investment process through predefined portfolio types, ensuring quick startup for users.
  • tailored risk management strategies embedded within each portfolio type to mitigate risks according to user preferences.
  • flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions by introducing or updating portfolio types as needed.
  • provision of themes and multiple languages to accommodate diverse customer preferences and needs.
  • streamlined processes for sending logs, enabling effective tracking and investigation of unexpected behaviors.


  • conduct thorough research to understand user needs, preferences, and market trends.
  • design customizable portfolio declaration features to meet diverse investor profiles.
  • develop risk management mechanisms aligned with each portfolio type.
  • create an intuitive user interface with customizable themes and multilingual support.
  • implement features for sending logs and facilitating user interactions.
  • develop the main grid for displaying current positions and trades, enabling real-time monitoring and management.
  • design and implement the editor for adding or modifying trade records, ensuring operational efficiency and accuracy.


Portfolio Customization and Risk Management

01.2023 - 03.2023
  • develop and implement customizable portfolio declaration features.
  • integrate tailored risk management strategies within each portfolio type.

User Experience Enhancement

04.2023 - 06.2023
  • focus on enhancing the user experience by introducing themes and multiple languages.
  • implement streamlined processes for sending logs, facilitating effective tracking and investigation.

Core Functionality and Interface RefinementCore Functionality and Interface Refinement

07.2023 - 09.2023
  • develop the main grid for real-time monitoring of positions and trades.
  • design and implement an intuitive editor for efficient trade record management.
  • refine the user interface with customizable themes and multilingual support.

Advanced Features Integration

10.2023 - 12.2023
  • incorporate advanced features, including JSON view for flexible editing options.
  • implement handlers for automated functions like risk calculations.

Data Visualization and Finalization

12.2023 - now
  • develop specialized viewers for graphical data representations, enhancing data analysis.
  • integrate tools for quick access to related documents, reports, and audit trails.
  • conduct final testing for reliability, security, and performance.
  • deploy the software in production, ensuring seamless integration.
  • provide ongoing support and maintenance for continued functionality and user satisfaction.

Main Functionality

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Buying & Selling Processing with Third-Party API Integration:

This feature allows a platform to execute transactions directly through external financial exchanges or services. It enables real-time trading across various markets by integrating with APIs of stock exchanges, forex platforms, or cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Analytics and Portfolio/Asset Prediction:

Utilizes data analysis and machine learning to forecast future asset values and market trends. It helps investors understand potential risks and opportunities, guiding them in making informed investment decisions.
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Interactive interfaces that display a comprehensive view of an investor's portfolio, market data, and performance metrics. Dashboards are customizable, providing a quick snapshot of investments and facilitating easy management and decision-making.
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Predefined, Automated Actions:

Allows investors to automate trading actions based on specific criteria or triggers, such as buying or selling assets when prices reach predetermined levels. This helps in capitalizing on market opportunities without constant monitoring and reduces emotional trading decisions.

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