About project

TreatCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency designed to reward users for their activity on various web resources. The platform collaborates with different internet service providers that require user participation in tasks such as completing surveys, downloading apps, and more. In return for completing these tasks, TreatCoin users receive well-deserved rewards.


05.2023 – 09.2023


React.js, MUI, StyledComponents, Context, Router, GoogleAuth, FacebookAuth, Node.js+AWS Lambda, S3, Rekognition, AWS-SDK, SNS, Reddis, EC2, API Gateway, MySQL+Procedures Call from Lambdas, Mixpanel

Business solutions

  • Understandable UI for the users with flexible settings
  • Monetization of the cryptocurrencies
  • Because of AWS Lambda, provided a cost-effective and responsive application


  • Established partnerships with web providers for user rewards.
  • Developed core task completion system and TreatCoin rewards. Implemented versatile reward options: NFTs, cash, and competition coins.
  • Created Admin Panel and enhanced Users UI.
  • Implemented KYC protocols, resolved UI bugs. Integrated Backend, API, and optimized Database.
  • Prepared for product review through testing and UI improvement.
  • Centralized data, refactored code, and removed non-semantic elements.


Creation Admin Panel

  • Creation Admin panel responsive table from scratch
  • Adding components to Users UI
  • Implementation KYC
  • Job with BE, API Gateway and DB for mentioned components


Users UI

  • Users UI, implementation more pages for Admin Pannel
  • Job with BE, API Gateway and DB for mentioned components
  • Fix DB Bugs

Preparing project for Product Review

  • Preparing project for Product Review
  • UI and Admin panel functionality for Offers
  • Job with BE, API Gateway and DB for mentioned components

QA and debugging, Fix Bugs

  • QA and debugging, Fix Bugs, Added wrappers and Contexts to store data centralized
  • Refactoring code, replaced non-sematic elements
  • Modifying  BE, API Gateway and DB for mentioned components

Main Functionality

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Layouts, components, LocalStorage, requests, localization

Developed core functionality for completing tasks and earning TreatCoin rewards.
Implemented versatile reward exchange system: NFTs, cash, and competition coins.
User Interface & Admin Panel:
Created Admin Panel with responsive table and added components to Users UI.
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FullStack implementation of KYC verification

Implemented KYC protocols and addressed UI-related bugs.
Backend Integration & Optimization:
Worked closely with Backend (BE), API Gateway, and Database (DB) for seamless component integration.
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AWS Lambda

All logic was implemented using lambda functions, which performed a complex process depending on user actions. For example, after completing surveys and then downloading media files, our lambda uploaded files to s3 storage, which in turn were analyzed using Amazon Rekognition. Based on the data analysis, other lambda functions calculated the result and then stored the data in Redis. Based on this data, points and rewards for users were calculated. When this data changed, triggers were fired that informed the user using AWS SNS.

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