About the project

TRUSTT mission is to make cannabis safe for patients and less risky for business. This is a next-generation, blockchain & AI-enabled supply chain tracking and verification platform for the highly regulated European medical cannabis industry.

TRUSTT helps licensed producers and businesses to make data-driven decisions, achieve compliance with European regulations, optimise production, quality and consistency of crops and provide trading tools through digitalising and aggregating all compliance, production, environmental records, inventory, sales and reporting in one place. TRUSTT tracks and verifies quality and provenance of cannabis products on batch and plant level through our blockchain and AI enabled technology supported by GACP/EU-GMP/GDP protocols and GS1 supply chain modelling.


03.2018- 08.2022


Jetpack Compose, Kotlin, MLKit, Grapg QL, LeakCanary, Apollo, React.js, TypeScript, Next.js

Business solutions

  • developed new project visualization to attract more clients
  • implemented systems, which allows getting correct analytics
  • updated projects workflow to simplify inside processes and reports to save money from unnecessary expenses

Development process

  • created new flow with new screens, PDF-reports and QR-code generating system using ZXing library and Android Views
  • rewrote passing arguments system from one screen to another to avoid crash because of too large arguments
  • made a brand redesign of the entire UI-kit of the app
  • injected a Zebra SDK to connect RFID-scanners

Main Functionality

Project Description Image
  • Uses Jetpack Compose with Accompanist for building UI
  • Kotlin Coroutines and Flows for async operations (networking)
  • Koin for Dependency Injections
  • Apollo Client for GraphQL queries to the backend
  • Compose Destinations for navigation
  • MSAL library for authentication
  • CameraX for work with a camera
  • MLKit for barcode scanning
  • MS App Center for analytics
  • ZXing for QR codes generation
  • Android CustomViews for converting XML layouts
  • LeakCanary for memory leaks monitoring
  • Zebra RFID Reader SDK for RFID-scanner connection.

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