About project is a cutting-edge online platform designed to provide you with a wide array of reliable and top-notch services to meet all your needs. Whether you’re seeking professional expertise, seeking to enhance your lifestyle, or looking for solutions to your everyday challenges, has you covered. They provide data-driven validation of cannabis products with seed-to-sale applications built for each role in the supply chain and help cannabis growers make better data-driven decisions, simplify regulatory compliance, optimize production, quality, and stability of their products by digitizing and aggregating all growth and business data in one place.


Mike, our valued first client, has been a collaborative partner in his marketing campaigns. Currently, we are actively assisting him with an exciting project in the medical cannabis industry. Our team is providing top-notch support in mobile and web development for a next-generation tracking and verification system. This project is a testament to our continued commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.


08.2022- 04.2023


Jetpack, Kotlin, Koin, Apollo Client, GraphQL, MLKit, ZXing, LeakCanary, Zebra RFID Reader SDK

Business solutions

  • improved manufacturing efficiencies through digitalization
  • simplified suppliers selection
  • de-risking transactions with blockchain solutions (smart contracts)
  • improved product quality verification process with the QR system
  • pulsates project’s workflow to simplify internal processes and reports to save money from unnecessary expense 

Development process:

  • created new flow with new screens, PDF-reports and QR-code generating system using ZXing library and Android Views
  • rewrote passing arguments system from one screen to another to avoid crash because of too large arguments
  • made a brand redesign of the entire UI-kit of the app
  • injected a Zebra SDK to connect RFID-scanners
  • integrated blockchain technology with the smart contracts
  • added cryptocurrency payment system/wallets


UI development

Aug 2022 - Sept 2022
  • Used Jetpack Compose with Accompanist for building UI
  • Kotlin Coroutines and Flows for async operations (networking)
  • Koin for Dependency Injections

Backend work

Oct 2022
  • Added Apollo Client for GraphQL queries to the backend

New features adding

Oct 2022- Feb 2023
  • Compose Destinations for navigation
  • MSAL library for authentication
  • CameraX for work with a camera
  • MS App Center for analytics, ZXing for QR codes generation
  • Android CustomViews for converting XML layouts LeakCanary for memory leaks monitoring

Scanning functionality

Feb 2023 - Mar 2023
  • MLKit for barcode scanning
  • Zebra RFID Reader SDK for RFID-scanner connection

Main Functionality

Project Description Image

Healthcheck IPM

"Healthcheck IPM" is a pivotal feature in integrated pest management for agriculture. It provides a structured approach to monitoring plant health, enabling administrators to identify disease markers and potential threats efficiently.
Project Description Image
This feature offers two initiation points: administrators can start a health check either from batch information or by scanning individual plants.

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