Team size

1 frontend developer, 1 backend developer, 1 blockchain developer, 1 IOS developers, 1 Android developer, 1 QA, 1 PM


Swift, Viper, UIKit, Foundation, Alamofire, Kingsfisher, CoreData, AVAudioEngine

About the project

With Ven, everyone has a wide variety of ways to use and exchange virtual currency with friends, colleagues, and clients. It is easy to send Ven to another person over email or via a phone scan, and request Ven from others or apply it to projects and important initiatives. The value of Ven is calculated from a mix of currencies, commodities and carbon futures pricing. These components diversify the ‘inputs’ for Ven, creating a diversified asset.

Implemented solutions

Created frontend part for mobile app
Created backend with the new architecture for mobile devices
Used MongoDB for the creation of the backend system, capable of handling high loads
For the users verification and informing process install IMAP principles with Gmail API4
Provided smart contract solutions