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Our dedicated development team has successfully handled projects that involved building solutions in the healthcare industry. We are unrivaled when it comes to React.js and Node.js.

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Need a multi-featured, secure, and seamless software solution? Hire a team of dedicated developers from Cubex. We are a full stack development company focused on building robust tech products that will bring immense value to customers. Based on their extensive SaaS web development expertise, our offshore programmers will find the optimal ways to get your dream project off the ground within the deadline.

Why use our development services:

DevOps and Agile
To guarantee a smooth deployment process and optimize the way our team works on your software solution, our SaaS developers masterfully combine the best DevOps approaches with Agile principles.

Top talent
Our full stack web developers are in-demand IT experts with advanced degrees who excel at writing lightweight, clean, and scalable code for SaaS projects. You can trust them to turn your vision into reality.

The latest technology
Utilizing the best technologies and frameworks currently available in the market, our Javascript developers never compromise on the user experience. They are well-versed with React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, TypeScript, etc.

Control over the process
You can monitor the web development process at any stage and suggest improvements or changes where necessary. Want to scale up or down for some reason? We’ll take care of it without any delays.

SaaS Development consulting
If you’re stuck with your project and your own team lacks the required expertise to handle a challenging task, reach out to us. Bring in our full stack software developers for expert consultations to navigate challenges and make smart business decisions.

If you lack in-house developers to handle the maintenance issues after the product launch, our Javascript developers will be happy to do it for you. They will ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

Get your application built by our Javascript development company
We want to create a product that will be a big thing after its launch.

To get your project done, here is what we do:

Step 1.


At this point, we have to be sure that have enough information to define all the deliverables and requirements for the project.
We ask our clients to give us all the possible information needed for the project.

Step 2.

and Backlog

After getting all the needed information, we deliver a project estimate based on the timeline, effort on deliverables and resources allocated.
Then w build a backlog of deliverables with estimates

Step 3.

Build a
Dedicated Team

We assign our best-qualified developers to satisfy project requirements.

Step 4.


The team is almost ready. We choose preferred tools and business processes, define stand up schedule and communication channels.

Step 5.


Project kick-off and delivery using Agile project management best practices with regular showcases to the client.

Service Card

Time and Materials

If you chose this model, you pay a daily rate
for the work of our professionals
that is needed to get the project done.

Service Card

Fixed Price

Once we have received all the requirements
for the project then our team
can provide a fixed priced quote for the work.

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