About us


СubeX is a software and applications solutions company delivering high quality products on time using JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS technologies. We are a team of a forward-looking enthusiasts offering a wide range of services like Application Development and Software Product Development, outsourcing and outstaffing, consulting, support and many more.

Motivated by rapid growth and client’s success, CubeX continue growing each month and has by now 30+ seasoned experts. We are always looking for talented developers, project and sales managers who bring new ideas and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

We are not only developing products but leading each client through the entire process from the first stages and up to the release. Even after the release our team will be available making sure that everything is working according to your expectations and that you are getting a proper tech support.

If you need a perfectly developed solution which works great on all platforms and is easy to manage, we can help you create a robust application that will impress both your clients and potential customers, and help you to occupy the leading position in your business area.

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